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forsho 25.02.2005 15:22

Plane ???

Is there any way to use/fly the big plane in GTA: Vice City (PC) ?
i mean the plane that flys around the airport.

i've red something that you must write into the "handling.cfg" : set_activateplane=1 and then go to the airport, wait the plane to land and then it stops in front of you instead of moving through you. Then u are able to go in and fly it. But i haven't had success with this.

One week ago I've replaced the skimmer with a Boeing 737 skin, but this sucks, because when u want to fly the plane, u must go to the film studios and its placed in the water, it's too slow, u cant land on the ground, u can't fly so high like the real plane.
I want to "activate" the real plane and not replace some vehicle with a skin.

When there is any person out there who knows how to fly the big plane, please answer to this, and please: Those people who don't know if you can or u can't fly this plane, don't answer to this thread. Either u know it, or u don't know it. And when u don't know it, please don't write anything. ;)

Stefan 25.02.2005 15:32

In my oponion it's not possible to fly with the large plane, because it's not a real vehicle in this game.

Bienenstich 25.02.2005 19:15

Yeah for sure, that's impossible. You can't either "touch" the big plane, so, like AMD said, that doesn't work..

FragThief 25.02.2005 20:03

but theres a big boat. maybe someone can make a mod for that take the big plane make collisions models and put the skimmer away for it.

edit: no i think its really impossible

antonio_montana 26.02.2005 20:41

I also think that it's impossible, but

You are able to touch the plane when it's standing on the airport.

Bienenstich 26.02.2005 23:48

@ toni, Oh really?! I thought it ain't possible to "touch" it anyway, but if you say so...;)
actually its not possible to ride or fly it, so, forget about it. the plane is just a kind of "unreal" vehicle in this game...
cu bienenstich

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