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Mmoak2018 19.06.2019 02:24

Original story: Any World of Warcraft veteran will tell you
A more contentious change is the inclusion of several abilities on the global cooldown. This means that some spells you could instantly cast now have a cooldown delay in order to pace combat out and Gold in WoW Classic make it less hectic.

As of patch 8.0, Legion's artifact weapons are going to lose their power entirely and become as good as regular weapons. Since the system is specific to Legion, they're essentially being retired in favor of new gear arriving with Battle for Azeroth. As the blog post states, many of the unique traits found in Artifact weapons have been incorporated directly into their respective class specializations.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more coming in patch 8.0 tomorrow including the new PvP rules eliminating PVP-specific servers entirely, new cosmetic options for orcs and blood elves, and new social features. Be sure to check out the patch notes to see a full list of what's coming.

As mentioned below, game director Ion Hazzikostas answered viewer questions during a livestream yesterday that you can watch here. During that stream, he expressed regret over the state of 8.0 and confirmed the team was hard at work fixing many of the bugs players were experiencing, including the loss of bonus experience points from dungeons. One thing he did clarify, however, was that the legacy loot mode was always intended to require players to be 11 levels higher than the expansion they wished to farm. That means legacy loot will not work in Legion.

Original story: Any World of Warcraft veteran will tell you that patch days are usually a bit of a disaster. It's an enormous game, so little things are bound to break here and there any time that Blizzard releases a new patch. But Patch 8.0, which lays the foundation for when Battle for Azeroth launches next month, is in a real bad spot right now, and players aren't happy about it.

Almost immediately after the patch was released Buy WoW Classic Gold, Blizzard confirmed that there were problems with players being able to log in and see their characters—a pretty common and understandable occurrence on a major patch day. Once those issues started to resolve and players got into the game, however, they found loads of problems that Blizzard hasn't—even at the time of writing this post—acknowledged.

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