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Cryomancer J 16.11.2015 22:10

GTAV Vehicles Polycount

I am familiar with GTA IV limits, but how about GTA5?

I am currently working on some car mods but they are all around 500,000 polys.

Is that an acceptable count or should I reduce the number of polygons?

Cryomancer J

solo 16.11.2015 22:51

At this Time the Limit is not know. But the Experience has shown that a less Polycount is better for the Game. I think you must test it if it work or not. I think when you have not a good PC and Carmods with very high Poly Cars than the Game can be slower or crash.

Cryomancer J 16.11.2015 23:53

Okay then, If nobody knows I guess I'll just testing the car as is. Thanks for the info.

solo 17.11.2015 00:25

Sa work with very high Polycar (I self have made for a long Time one Car that has over 1mio Polys :D ) but the Graphics was totaly reduced when mare as 3 cars driving on the Road. The same Car on GTA4 crash me the Game.

Cryomancer J 17.11.2015 15:05

If thats the case I should probably make LODs. It all reallly depends on your PCs hardware and graphics configuration.

Chezy 27.11.2015 16:15

I've seen a Ferrari or something like that for GTA V that originally was an Autovista model from Forza 4. Those are incredibly detailed and have over 1 Mio polies, but it seemed to work fine in GTA V (didn't test it myself). So your 500k-Cars should work fine aswell. If you make any progress, please tell us, I'd be interested aswell if there's any limit :)

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