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Souwaylier 28.02.2011 20:37

Hi. I see this forum is mainly in German, but I hope you'll help me. I have downgraded GTAIV from 1070->1040 for modding needs. This caused a problem, because some files has not been downgraded and I have no text in menus. I'd be grateful If someone could host somewhere these files (of GTAIV in version not higher than 1040):


I've been looking for those clean files everywhere, but couldn't find any. Also I hope that my request don't break any rules. Thank you for any future answers.

Marty McFly 28.02.2011 21:14

hello and welcome here in the forum ;)

we also have a forum for foreign users but it's ok if you post here.i don't have unmodded fonts files but i had the same problem like you a few months isn't a problem with these two files, it's a problem with the gxt files in common\ have to replace the american.gxt with the one from can't post you this file because i only can attach files lower than 1mb size, buz if you download RealizmIV( a graphics modification, you'll find it on google) there you have a american.gxt which works on
the gxt files from patch 1-4 have ~2mb size, the gxt files from patch 7 have nearly 5mb size.that's the problem

ps:you don't break any rules by asking for these two files.but if you'd ask for the gta 4.exe or a product key, you'd maybe get banned xD

Souwaylier 28.02.2011 21:20

Regardless I think it's problem with those two files. I have found in some russian torrents those files, then replaced mine. Menus were back, but with russian fonts unfortunately. But that "experience" showed, that font.dat and font_r.dat are files I need to replace. Also in some forums people posted the same problem and replacing those files helped them.


I also have downloaded mod that replaces american.gxt (real vehicle names) and it didn't helped.

I forgot to tell, those files are located in common/data

LikeMike213 28.02.2011 22:01

btw, you cant "downgrade" your game, you need to reinstall it. do this, and it will work.

Souwaylier 01.03.2011 00:00

I can downgrade, game is working, but with a few "defects" as you see :3 I'll reinstall the game eventually if "font solution" will not work.

[XGF]der_Graf1997 01.03.2011 12:56

Hi! I've had the same problem, and here's a tip it will help for sure! Try renaming american.gxt to russian.gxt. Then the game thinks, that the english language files are the russian ones and it will show the english texts in menus and dialogs. I hope you enjoy!

So long, me, der Graf:rolleyes:

Souwaylier 01.03.2011 13:29

Sadly it didn't helped. I'm 100% sure that problem is with fonts.dat and fonts_r.dat. Maybe someone with GTAIV will have mercy on me, and upload those files ^ ^

gtazocker95 01.03.2011 13:42

There is a Thread, where you can ask for Oiriginal Files.

Souwaylier 01.03.2011 13:43

Thank you very much! (:

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