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modeeper 12.11.2015 14:24

Shamless Russians stealing skins from gtainside
Check this out
and the next three pages, all from the the DoA packs posted here. On the next 20 pages you'll see about 60 more skins stolen from GTAINSIDE.

This KinOman cunt gives credit to the riggers, as maybe he should, but Ken doesn't do nude skins, neither does Diego. Do you think they want their names pasted all over my nasty tendencies? I doubt it!

Damn, these Russians have no shame, no pride, just like filthy gangsters.
GTALIBERTYCITY.RU is another one. Russians! What is wrong with these people?

modeeper 09.09.2016 01:07

So now KINOman is up to about 250 taken skins (mine alone). And since taking his own promotion photos is such a chore he's using mine from here. Maybe the models aren't my property but the photos are. This pisses me off. Gtaall is a website earning 66 usd per day and has a 20,00usd valuation and the whole site is built on stolen skins, cars, bikes, peds from this site. Talk about leaching! Blood-sucking shameless pieces of dung.

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