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mibars (pl) 05.04.2004 15:43

To Carmakers: Your cars ARE BEEING SOLD!!
Hi! I don't speak Deutch, so I'll write in English.
I found on Allegro (polish internet shop) some GTA:Vice City Addon cars beeing sold! I saw some of them on this page, so i want to told U what is happening with YOUR cars. Here are links: <- still beeing sold <- ended.
If U want to stop this, just write e-mails (a lot of e-mails) to Allegro: (u have to register :mad: ).
Please, write in English!!!

Kirschkuchen 05.04.2004 16:57

We already talked about those Addon-Cars sold at eBay. But we can't stop this. Thanks for your information.

mibars (pl) 05.04.2004 17:13

But we can limit this! Just register on allegro (polish eBay like page) and write to allegro team, to delete this! I can translate registering process if somebody want.

Jan 05.04.2004 18:58

Thanks for telling us about this. We have the same problems at the German eBay and other auction sites like this.

But they were very co-operative when we told them that it's illegal. I think the best solution is you write to them that it's illegal cause you're the only one who speaks polish (im a 1/4 polish but I'm not able to speak, write or understand polish).

Ebay deletes those things when they get one email that it's illegal. I hope it's the same with Allegro. If you like you can write down that you are officially supported by, the biggest GTA Site on earth. I'm one of the the site admins so it's really official.

mibars (pl) 17.07.2014 18:54

Hey, looks that they stopped selling those Vice City cars on Allegro :)

OK, just kidding (althoug it's true! :D ), bumping for this:

I'll just leave it here.... I don't know what's more astonishing: The fact that I've found some active forum with my old login with "(pl)", or that I've remembered my oldest password :)

Oh and that signature.... Ich hat Deutsch gelernt für sechs jahre total, aber ich noch spreche gute Deutsche nicht :(

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