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05.12.2018, 06:46
Nick Mullens 49ers Jersey (http://www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com/nick-mullens-jersey) , Marquise Goodwin could prove key for 49ers offense in Week 6 The San Francisco 49ers travel to face a Green Bay Packers squad this week that is struggling to get on track. The Packers win over the Chicago Bears is looking better each week, but the rest of their performances have been shaky at best.Aaron Rodgers and the offense has been a regular part of the conversation, but the defense has been all over the place. I took a few minutes this week to chat with Acme Packing Company writer Jason Hirschhorn, and I asked him about the strengths and weaknesses of the Packers defense. Below are his thoughts coupled with what I think this might mean for the 49ers offense.The 49ers offensive line has improved in recent weeks and seems to be getting on a roll. The Packers pass rush presents a new challenge to the group. More specifically, I expect Pettine to dial up some of these blitzes in the direction of rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey. We have seen improvement from McGlinchey in the pass rush, and he is among the best at run blocking this season. However Quarterback Nick Mullens Jersey (http://www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com/nick-mullens-jersey) , heís a rookie still learning the ropes, and the right side of the line will be one to watch when C.J. Beathard is dropping back to pass.Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was a full participant in practice on Thursday, and barring a setback he seems to be on track to play vs. the Packers. Quadricep injuries and hamstring injury have slowed him out of the gates after a career year last season. His absence has been noticeable. The team has some quality route runners at wide receiver, but nobody with his game-breaking speed. Getting him out there will be critical if the 49ers want to have a shot at taking down the Packers on Monday Night Football. The San Francisco 49ers lost a wild game to the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Weíll definitely be breaking things down on how things went good then ugly, but during the game, one of the randomly more interesting developments wasnít what was happening on the field Rookie Nick Mullens Jersey (http://www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com/nick-mullens-jersey) , it was off it. We got some Jimmy Garoppolo sightings! We can never get enough Jimmy G, even if heís on injured reserve. The Monday Night Football crew made sure to get a shot of Garoppolo in a Leviís Stadium suite watching the game. It was good to check up on Jimmy G and see him doing well. Well, some people werenít as happy. Former 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan took to Twitter quickly to ask the most ridiculous question: I donít know, I guess thatís a reasonable question to ask. Except thereís some context that McCloughan needs. Before we get to that, letís finish out his night on Twitter. As you might expect, the above tweet prompted the masses to fire away at McCloughan. He responded with this Nick Mullens Jersey (http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49ers.com/cheap-nick-mullens-jersey) , and was quickly rebuffed by the tweet following it: It sounds like a perfect counterpoint to the angry fans, but this was rebuffed by the fact that this sideline gesture was before the game started. Wentz spent the above game in the suite you see in the bottom tweet when the clock started ticking. So whatís the deal with the 49ers? Why would Garoppolo be in the suite anyways? Well it wasnít his decision, it was Kyle Shanahanís. This very question came up in a press conference in late October. I have his response below on Garoppolo being on the sidelines for games: Iím really not sure what prompted McCloughan to troll the fans like this, or if it really matters where Garoppolo watches the game. Itís not like heís intentionally trying to avoid playing football, he tore up his knee after all. Itís also not like the 49ers can put him in if Nick Mullens doesnít work out. Do you think it matters where Jimmy G watches the game?