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31.10.2018, 08:44
Stop the Ping-Pong game in your mind

Have you ever caught yourself arguing with yourself? You know that little angels and devils are just Ping-ponging back and forth as you try to make a decision on something.

It seems like this psychosis happens most when we are trying to make a decision on something that is going to force us out of our comfort zone. Dialogue can go something like this:


Me: Oh My Gosh, I absolutely want to do something crazy and wild. I want to just tell my boss to "suck it" and storm out the door and never look back.

Me: That would be so stupid, are you an idiot? How will you pay your bills, what will people think? You are very young and lame, lost.

Me: yes, but there is more to life than this. I know I can make it happen and figure everything I have the ability, intelligence and determination to do whatever it takes to feel happy and happy again.

Me: What are you thinking? Figure out your shit and get to it. You have everything you can ever want, a steady job offering benefits, a good pay and a retirement plan. You're like a dumbass !!

I: All I ever wanted and chains and shackles, kept me from the freedom I really want to experience in life.

How much time a day do you spend having this kind of Ping-Pong game going on in your head? It may come with the simplest of things, like what to have for lunch, to the most serious, like or not to stay in a marriage.

The problem is that it does not get us anywhere. It just kept us guessing our second-decision.

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Change is hard, annoying and makes us afraid. Have you heard acronyms for fear?

False Experiences appear

The next time you force yourself to play table tennis and argue with yourself about a decision you want to make. Go easy on yourself and ask the following questions:


Which choices will be made based on my values ??and which choices will be made based on fear?

Choose your options based on your values, only then you will feel fulfilled, content, purposeful and playful.

In the example above: if you have more security value than free, then choose to stay. If it's free on security then create a plan and take action on it.

"Change always creates sadness but sometimes we all know we have to make changes." -Robert Kiyosaki

Your success is entirely dependent on your willingness to make choices based on your values ??versus based on your fears.

PS If you value liberty over security, check out a few of the opportunities that are made for a real freedom.

31.10.2018, 10:31
wenn du auch wirklich gta 5 meinst, dann gabs die ersten autos vor fast 3 einhalb jahren.