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http://www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com/fred-warner-jersey , drops for Week 2 So, fantasy football is kind of a thing. If you lost in Week 1, the best part about losing in Week 1 is being first with your waiver claims for Week 2, and as the weeks go on, the pickings get slim. The San Francisco 49ers have some players you may want to consider after their own loss to the Minnesota Vikings. I figured Iíd take a look at some of them and also some of the players that made our foolís gold list and if you should hold them to a higher standard on your team. Percentage owned numbers are based on Yahoo! leagues.Pick-upsGeorge Kittle % Owned: 75Week 1 stats: Five catches, 90 yardsKittle was regarded as a sleeper tight end pick going into Week 1 and a lot of fantasy owners burned a late draft pick to put Kittle on their bench. Heís owned in 75 percent of leagues, so keep an eye out for him on your waiver wire.With 90 yards and potential for two touchdowns, thereís no reason to not put him in your lineup. If he managed just one of those touchdowns, heíd be in the Top-3. Kittle was used quite a bit in 2017 and if Week 1 is any indication, that may happen again. Keep in mind, Shanahan gets several pass catchers involved in the game plan, so owners may get a bit frustrated if heís not peppered with targets week to week. Thatís a small concern. Kittle is worth at least burning a bench spot in all formats and worth starting in a 12-team league.Pick up or donít pick up: Pick him upMatt Breida% Owned: 58Week 1 stats: 11 carries, 46 yards; One reception, five yardsThe 49ers split running back carries down the middle Sunday, with Breida having just one carry less than Morris. Kyle Shanahan tends to run with the hot hand at running back and neither back was hot in Minnesota. That said, with Breidaís limited ownership Womens Mike Person Jersey (http://www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com/mike-person-jersey) , heís worth a look in deeper leagues. For 10-team leagues and below, itís an add if youíre absolutely desperate at the position or have a vacant bench slot burning a hole into your team.Thereís no guarantee Breida will be giving you points week to week, especially with Alfred Morris in there. Heís not worth a first waiver claim, especially when other potentially more productive options like Bilal Powell are available in 58 percent of leagues. Powell is not a sure thing either, but Iíd be more comfortable with him getting 10 touches a game than Breida. Let this one simmer unless itís a deeper league or you ignored the running back position for 10 rounds in your draft. Itís worth a bit more consideration in PPR, but not much. Pick up or donít pick up: Donít pick up. Not yet. Thereís just too much available to merit burning your waiver claims on Breida.Dante Pettis% Owned: 1Week 1 stats: Two catches, 61 yards; One touchdown If you really, really, really, really want Pettis, you can wait until all your other waiver claims go through to get the wide receiver. But heís definitely not worth it. Pettis had the dayís only touchdown, but the 49ers have a lot of mouths at wide receiver to feed, and Pettis is lower on the pecking order behind Marquise Goodwin and Pierre Gar莽on. There is no reason to even use a bench spot on Pettis. He was impressive, but heís not ready for fantasy yet. Pick up or donít pick up: Donít pick him up. Only one percent of leagues own Pettis. Thereís a very good reason for that. Thereís no need for that number to increase. Robbie Gould% Owned: 51Week 1 stats: Three field goals, longest: 41 yardsColor me shocked that Gould is owned in only half of Yahoo! leagues. Given what he did for the 49ers last year, I saw him as a top-10 kicking option. Many like to stream kickers http://www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com/arik-armstead-jersey , but Gould could free up a waiver claim for your entire season. Gould will continue to make field goals, especially if the 49ers red zone issues continue. Put him on your team and donít look back. You donít need another kicker except when the 49ers are on bye.Pick up or donít pick up: If youíre someone who streams kickers, put a stop to that if Gould is in your league and use your claims on other positions. If you were unsatisfied with your kicker in Week 1 and Gould is an option, give him a look. If heís available, pick him up. Foolís goldMarquise Goodwin% Owned: 94Week 1 stats: 0 Catches, 0 yards. Goodwin began last season as waiver fodder, but slowly picked up steam as the 49ers hype-train went on to the point he was becoming the receiver to have over Pierre Gar莽on.Well, he definitely was not a receiver you wanted to have Sunday as Goodwin managed a big fat goose egg after a thigh bruise early in the game. Itís not a good sign. Goodwin is currently listed day-to-day as he rehabs the injury, but his fantasy value couldnít have started any worse. Drop or donít drop: Donít drop him. Given that itís Week 1, donít do anything drastic yet. Keep Goodwin on your bench and wait to see what happens with this injury. Jimmy Garoppolo% Owned: 94Week 1 stats: 15 completions, 261 yards; 1 touchdown, 3 interceptionsOne of the overhyped quarterbacks in fantasy, Jimmy G makes our foolís gold list in Week 1. My original idea was to fill out my roster and take Jimmy G late in the draft. Boy, Iím glad I didnít follow through with that. Garoppolo had a terrible game and even if I did plan on making him my QB1, Iíd be streaming a quarterback for Week 1. There was no way Iíd start him against the Vikings. That said, I didnít exactly expect this much of a stinker. If you are one of those people who reached for Jimmy Garoppolo (and from conversations I fear quite a few of you Authentic Pierre Garcon Jersey (http://www.sanfrancisco49ersteamonline.com/pierre-garcon-jersey) , including this guy who took him with his first pick). So bench him? On the contrary, start him! Unless you have an elite fantasy QB in Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, Garoppolo is worth a start. As Iím writing this, Iím watching a rookie QB with the New York Jets lay points on the Detroit Lions. In Detroit. I wonder what Jimmy G can do to them in Santa Clara. That said, Iíd be eyeing any QB pickups this week before the position is gobbled up by other teams if you arenít feeling the Jimmy G train. Drop or donít drop: You drafted him? Youíre in it for the long haul. Donít drop him.How hot is Robert Salehís seat? The San Francisco 49ers have issues on both sides of the ball, but it seems a lot of the rage has been aimed at the defense. Defensive coordinator Robert Salehí unit hasnít been putting up the numbers one would like. The 49ers are averaging 29.2 points per game (29th)and are ranked 24th in sacks. They are tied for dead last in interceptions and in the back half of the league (a massive tie at 18th) for fumbles recovered. Those last two stats didnít improve at all on Sunday. While the offense turned the ball over regularly, the defense could not get a takeaway if dire circumstances depended on it. While they managed to keep the Cardinals from operating after the opening touchdown (we have the offenseís five turnovers to thank for things going sideways), they still werenít able to get any takeaways. Then of course, thereís the first play of the Cardinals opening drive that led to a touchdown. 49ers safety Adrian Colbert shouldered the blame, but some of these miscommunications and bad decisions need to fall on someone other than the players. Is Saleh under the microscope?49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has been supportive of Salehís play-calling and scheme, saying that the players need to execute things better. But when does the lack of execution and miscommunications turn into bad coaching? And will someone be going down with the ship after this season ends? Keep in mind, this is a rebuild. The 49ers are trying to keep consistency for once, which includes the defensive coordinator. Some fans like Salehís defense and others Iíve noticed canít stand it. I think weíll return to this through the rest of the season, but I want to see what everyone thinks of Salehís seat right now. Therefore I have the heat-o-meter:

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