View Full Version : Promblem with my Port ingame

31.05.2016, 15:31
Hey guys over the past few days ive been porting a Ferrari F80 Concept into GTA V my problem is when i try to spawn it in game my game just crashes now ive checked everything followed tutorials and to be honest i just cannot find anything wrong with the model in zmodeler i even used the zentorno as a base car and started using the already made dummys to piece together the ferarri

Please view the attached thumbnails if you spot anything let me know or even if you could help me with this model i would be more than happy to upload and send you the files

Someone please help im getting very frustrated :bash:

31.05.2016, 17:18
The car looks very highpoly. Maybe the Ferrari has one part with more than 64.000 polies (I think that's the limit for car parts in GTA V) and the game crashes because of that.

31.05.2016, 17:59
I have the same Problem with a Car that have Parts under 54k of Polys. I think it can be 2 Problems. 1. When you have copy the L0 Parts to L1,L2.... that is it to High or 2. the Col can be the Problem. For my Car i have test it all but ever the same. Export all ok without Errors, on OpenIV is look all ok but when i ingame spawn the Car crash the Game wit ERR_STR_FAILURE_3 Error or its come the Error: Gamefiles defect. Reboot and install the Game new. And i have no Idea what i can do.

But it must give a Way. When i see any Cars with over 53mb Filesize (Asetto Corsa Cars, Forza) or Trucks from ETS2 they have more as 500k on Polys than it must go. But how?