View Full Version : First car mod you're hoping for when GTA V is out on PC

02.10.2013, 14:52
For me, I hope the DeLorean DMC-12 is ported over from GTA IV to GTA V because if I'm going to commit crimes all over Los Santos, I want it to be like San Andreas and do so in a DeLorean. I hope someone plans to make a Pontiac Aztek because I'm turning Michael into Walter White from Breaking Bad..lol

What car mod do you want to see added to GTA V when the PC version eventually comes out?

Link to the mod I want brought over to GTA V:

02.10.2013, 16:44
Haha, i like that Walter White idea.

Even though there is already a "Walter White" in GTA V.
The Chef , works @ T. Philips Industries [Or if we go with Trevor: T. Philips Inc. lol]
He looks exactly like Walter White. Nice Easter Egg

I'd like to see some kind of hydraulic-mod for low rider cars

02.10.2013, 20:20
My mod Ford Sierra 4x4 Saphierre Cosworth mod from Gta san Andreas :)
and a good idea snow ? :)

02.10.2013, 22:43
i am thrilled and looking foreward to see what is possible with the new cabriolet-feature and what people are gonna use it for! may be some kind of car transformation? batmobile shields up? who knows time will tell!

02.10.2013, 23:37
I really hope to see a nice and customizable Chevy Camaro or Pontiac Firebird from the Eighties to replace the Ruiner and the Phoenix. I also hope for a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa and for a 1973 Chevy Malibu, to be able to play some scenes from "Drive" :D Besides, I really hope that there will be a car convertion tool for 3ds Max, so I can create mods, too. I just don't get along with zMod.