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18.09.2011, 07:21
guys i have an annoying problem here is just when i mod cars in gta iv the cars become one type in different colors when i drive it anywhere i find always my same car but in different color about 6 cars parking all the same type of my car i can't get different cars at all its hard to find and even if i when i drive it i also find all cars around the same one im drivin but in different colors....any1 can help??....thanks :)

18.09.2011, 13:30
I had/have the same problem, pretty annoying :/
Also this is one of those problems which are hard to find a solution for on Google (or I just type in the wrong stuff^^), but I found this: [link] (http://www.gta4-mods.com/script/real-traffic-spawn-102-f4404)
Haven't tried yet, but seems promising :)
(Dunno if it works like you expect, maybe you'll see rare or exotic cars driving around the city^^)

Oh, and welcome to our forums, btw :D

Edit: Damn, I should have read the comments before I posted the link. Seems like also vehicles like airtugs will appear on the steets :/
But you can try it anyway, see if it at least fixes your problem.
Otherwise a modified cargrp.dat or vehicles.ide could possibly change something, but I don't have that knowledge^^

22.09.2011, 07:37
thank u for the link and for trying to help.....i'll give it a try and im gonna tell u about it thank u so much :)

22.09.2011, 18:20
You're welcome^^

And in case it does not work or you see weird vehicles on the streets, try out this one I found a few days ago. (It's an .asi mod, your GTA must be able to read those files)
[Link] (http://www.gtainside.com/download.php?do=comments&cat=349&start=0&id=37248&orderBy=)

Atm I'm also installing car mods; but everything works fine so far, so I can't test it^^ It's all up to you :)