View Full Version : Can't seem to get the mods working. Would preciate the help

21.07.2011, 16:11
Alrighty I'll try to list everything so you guys know exactly what might be up.

So I have the Steam version of the game and It was originally the 1.07.0 but I
Downgraded it to by following this link here:

After I followed every step I ran the game first just to check if everything is alright and everything is smooth.

I installed .Net Scriptbook found here:

And the modified filelist.bak from this link

Following a guide my game should have been capable of running mods.

I downloaded both the PlayerSelector mod (asi) and put in the main dir
Same with the RagdollMod

But they wont work at all. I have SparkIV for cars and textures

I downloaded Alex FileCheckFix.asi

Only thing I got working was the ICEnchancer v1.25

The game runs smoothly but I can't seem to make anything happen ingame.

Any ideas fellas? Been reinstalling Gta 4 probably 5-6 times already :)