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30.12.2009, 11:11
hi i have been looking for a 1963 - 1964 - 1965 buick riviera mainly the 64 but i will settle for any of the three.
The story of how this car came to be is pretty fascinating. It was not originally intended as a Buick at all it was intended as a revival of the LaSalle for Cadillac

each one has its own unueqe changes.
the 63 and the 64 were almost the same At first glance, very little changed with the Riviera on the way to 1964, but it takes more than a casual glance to spot the differences. And believe it or not, there are quite a few of them. One of the most obvious is the elimination of the Buick Tri-Shield from the exterior of the car, replaced by a new stylized "R" emblem that would be used for years to come and would become immediately identifiable as a Riviera emblem. The new "R" emblem appeared as a stand-up hood ornament, in the center of the wheels and wheel covers, and on the taillights. Riviera script appeared on the right side of the deck lid for rear identification. (Not that anyone who was even casually paying attention didn't know what it was at the time!)

engine was the Wildcat 465, a 425 cubic inch V-8

it also had a new Super Turbine 400 Transmission was introduced for 1964, replacing the Dynaflow used in 1963. The new transmission produced a 43% increase in thrust at the rear wheels, which made the Riviera a stunning performer, especially when equipped with the Super Wildcat engine. The new Super Turbine tranny differed from the Dynaflow in that it would start in low gear instead of an intermediate gear to reduce slipping on slick streets or on loose materials, such as a sandy beach. The Dynaflow was not as efficient when compared to newer transmissions such as the newer Hydra-Matic other GM Divisions were using or the Chrysler TorqueFlite, so this was a welcome change at the time. so the handeling should be easy to make.

and the difrence between the 64 and the 65 had a few more then that

mainly the move of the head loghts from the grill to where the parking lights were in the 63 and 64 other then that the cars here kinda the same. althow they removed the chrome things behind the doors.

if anyone can make them for me that would be great you can make a 64 body and make it so the head lights could be changed in to the 65 they also have had a few choped and lowerd, made in to convertables, and one that i thought was cool the top was choped in to a V but i wold settle for any thing i just love this car i was bourn in the back seat my grand father drive down the back side if big bear mountan in SoCal doing 60 to 90 mph and passed the ambalance going to other direction. i had that car till about 14 years ago and i did a stupid thing and sold it and i have been on a riv hunt ever sence. i know they have one in the DLC for Midnight Club: LA for the xbox 360 i dont know if there is a way to convert it over or not but its the only game i know that has one in it. thank you for all that read this. and thank you all for any one that thinks about trying it for me.

david aka redfox

oh and im sorry about my spelling thanks

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